A True Work of Love and Faith

A loan of $25,000.00 ended up being one of $75,000.00

January 2017 the Church of Coronado with great joy received the news that it would be the home of the Costa Rican Theological Institute. Since she did not have the right classrooms for the school, she gave himself the task of building classes and adapting them for this activity. Therefore, the church agreed to construct 6 classrooms for this purpose in mind. Of course, these would also serve for church Bible classes. The church in a meeting agreed to lend money to the bank to be able to carry out this work. It turned out to be not just a loan but three to be able to finish what had been planned. The next pictures were given to me on October 20.


Stairs down is the fellowship hall, and the new classroom are upstairs


The classroom, which serve for the school purpose, has its own restroom and lavatory.


It also has a big windows and a nice view of the neighborhood of Coronado.


This classroom would hold 20 students with their desk as well.


IMG_1952The classrooms are well constructed following the anticismic rules. They look beautiful and comfortable with a beautiful view.


This is the outside of the classrooms, they have time to finish the job until December.

Recently this month

It is almost a month after our arrival in Costa Rica, Kattia and I are very happy for the welcome of the brethren from Costa Rica. We come with four purposes in mind: First, to meet with the Coronado congregation and present to the entire congregation the final plan for the opening of the school of preaching for January 2018. Second, to visit several congregations in the area of Costa Rica and look for good prospective students who would like to enter into this intensive Bible study program. Third, to meet with some full-time ministers and know who would be collaborating with us in the Bible training school. And four, we come to know the cost of living here in Costa Rica: house rent, utilities, groceries etc. Thank God, everything has gone very well.

First plan, All Coronado congregation accepted, in Church meeting, to be the host congregation of the School of Preaching. The congregation not only accepted that we use the facilities but also promised to prepare the classrooms that would be used for the school. The congregation saw the plan of the school as a blessing for the whole country and a great opportunity for her to be a part of this blessing. Kattia and I felt welcomed and announced our membership for Coronado. They are of course very happy and encouraged by this new project of which they committed to 100%.

The second plan to visit several congregations in search of faithful workers who wanted to study full-time was also a success. Kattia and I visited different locations every week and we met with the ministers and leaders of the area announcing the project of the school with a Spanish catalogue with the description of the topics, calendar and schedule of classes. All expressed what we already anticipated, that the school would be a great blessing for the country. Each of the congregations we visited offered to provide students, some of whom have already been approved to begin in January 2018, and others are already online for 2019. I am pleased to report that there were no negative or pessimistic comments against the school project, contrariwise, every single person was so please knowing the school is a real thing now.

The third purpose was to talk to good ministers in Costa Rica who had already advanced Bible education degrees and who might be willing to donate their time to the school. We shew them the schedule of classes and themes they could help us teaching. This was also received with much boom. Two of them stated that they could move to full-time school, that they would talk to their sponsoring congregations and would be willing to support the school and provide their full-time time. Four others expressed full support for the school and in total willingness to begin teaching what was assigned to them.

The fourth purpose of our trip was of knowing the cost of living now in Costa Rica, we have found that the cost of living is very similar to that of the United States. That what makes everything to be expensive in Costa Rica is that the fuel is almost double price that United States. We have investigated the cost of food, utilities, transportation, etc. The plan is by December 2017 to go back there and rent an apartment, buy the furniture and be ready for January 8 2018.

Prospective Students for the School of Preaching 

In less than a month the word is been spread around the country that a training school is going to open in 2018, and the congregations are exciting about it. Kattia and I have interviewed more than twenty prospective students for the school while being there, of whom 7 are already approved for January 2018, and others three are in the process of being approved. We have a couple of students lining up for the years 2019 already. The work now is to find the scholarships for these 10 students. Each of our purposes when visiting Costa Rica for four weeks has been fulfilled to the full. We thank you and most importantly we thank God. Now we have to get back to the United States and start raising funds for the students and the school. We appreciate you confidence on us and we ask for your prayers.


Prospective Students for the School of Preaching 



Byron Francisco Chavarria Vargas 

He is 23 years of age and he is from the area of Purral Goicoechea

He is married to Kristel Vargas; they have no children.

He is helping in the preaching for the Purral congregation.



Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 1.55.25 PMLeonardo D. Rivera Marin 

He is 34 years of age and he is of the Area of Tres Rios, Cartago.

He is married to Yarlin Martinez Bravo; they no children. He is helping the congregation of Tres Rios that have no full-time preacher.




Christopher Sirias Ureña 

He is 26 years of age and he is from the area of Desamparados

He is married to Jenny Echeverria Soto; they have one child is 5 years of age.

He is helping the congregation of Desamparados.





Andres Coto Umaña 

He is 28 years of age, and he is of the area of Desamparados

He is married to Priscilla Sequeira Valverde; they have no children.

He is helping the congregation of Desamparados.





Steven Morales Sarmiento 

He is 24 years of age, and he is from San Jose

He is single and he is helping the congregation of Aserri







Jean Paul Gamboa Fallas 

He is 24 years of age, he is from the area of San Jose

He is single and he is helping in the preaching of the congregation of San Geronimo






Carlos Aguero Mora 

He is 65 years of age, he is retired from business administration, worked for the govern of Costa Rica

And he is from the area of San Jose

Married to Sandra Robles and they have three children

He is member of the congregation of San Geronimo

Oversee Congregation

I heard someone say once, “Raising funds is not fun.” Although raising funds has some complications, the reason and objective of it injects a lot of courage and strength. The cause is necessary and worthy. The establishment of a Biblical School in Costa Rica will be of great benefit to the establishment of congregations of the church of Christ and very encouraging to those that already exist in the area. Raising funds will be part of my work from now on. I am new to this, but I have received very good advice and I am confident in it. Costa Rica Bible Institute’s start date will be the second week of February 2018 which is the start date of Costa Rica’s public school system as well. Despite all the complications of raising funds, God always has spiritual servants prepared to collaborate. I had the good news this week that the Church of Greenfield in TN has taken the decision to be the over-seeing congregation of the Bible Institute in Costa Rica. They will be collaborating with some of my personal funds as well. However, much remains to be done. I ask that if you would like to collaborate with this worthy cause send your collaborations to:

Greenfield Church of Christ
P.O. Box 156
Greenfield TN 38230
(731) 235-2341
Mission work in Costa Rica,
School of Preaching.
Glenn Ary (731) 514-6672
Elder of Mission