A True Work of Love and Faith

A loan of $25,000.00 ended up being one of $75,000.00

January 2017 the Church of Coronado with great joy received the news that it would be the home of the Costa Rican Theological Institute. Since she did not have the right classrooms for the school, she gave himself the task of building classes and adapting them for this activity. Therefore, the church agreed to construct 6 classrooms for this purpose in mind. Of course, these would also serve for church Bible classes. The church in a meeting agreed to lend money to the bank to be able to carry out this work. It turned out to be not just a loan but three to be able to finish what had been planned. The next pictures were given to me on October 20.


Stairs down is the fellowship hall, and the new classroom are upstairs


The classroom, which serve for the school purpose, has its own restroom and lavatory.


It also has a big windows and a nice view of the neighborhood of Coronado.


This classroom would hold 20 students with their desk as well.


IMG_1952The classrooms are well constructed following the anticismic rules. They look beautiful and comfortable with a beautiful view.


This is the outside of the classrooms, they have time to finish the job until December.

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