Oversee Congregation

I heard someone say once, “Raising funds is not fun.” Although raising funds has some complications, the reason and objective of it injects a lot of courage and strength. The cause is necessary and worthy. The establishment of a Biblical School in Costa Rica will be of great benefit to the establishment of congregations of the church of Christ and very encouraging to those that already exist in the area. Raising funds will be part of my work from now on. I am new to this, but I have received very good advice and I am confident in it. Costa Rica Bible Institute’s start date will be the second week of February 2018 which is the start date of Costa Rica’s public school system as well. Despite all the complications of raising funds, God always has spiritual servants prepared to collaborate. I had the good news this week that the Church of Greenfield in TN has taken the decision to be the over-seeing congregation of the Bible Institute in Costa Rica. They will be collaborating with some of my personal funds as well. However, much remains to be done. I ask that if you would like to collaborate with this worthy cause send your collaborations to:

Greenfield Church of Christ
P.O. Box 156
Greenfield TN 38230
(731) 235-2341
Mission work in Costa Rica,
School of Preaching.
Glenn Ary (731) 514-6672
Elder of Mission


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